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About me.

First off I am ADHD and an insomniac.  I get bored easily and my mind cannot stay idle.  I am a 3rd generation graphic artist.  I grew up watching my grandfather letter signs.  Then I watched him teach my mother.  In turn I learned and it kept me busy as I grew up by us taking art workshops and classes.  Mother taught me how to do calligraphy by hand.  From the vast amount of workshops and classes I took to my mind concocting my own way of doing things I have used that to keep my mind busy.  I have became a chronic hobbyist.  My stores are a way for me to keep my mind from going to those dark places most don't talk about.  I use what money I make to re-reimburse what money we have used from my husband's pension for supplies and equipment I buy to make things.  I take pride in my art or other items being bought.  So I put 98% of what I make after I have made it.  Being  veterans wife I am always looking for something to occupy my mind.  My husband is the same way due to his PTSD.

Tidbits about me.

I am a bit twisted,  I like Black clothes and the Goth look.  I like things that are a bit out of the norm.  I guess you would say I am into pain, if I had the money I would have sleeve tats.  But for now I will have to be content with the 5 I possess now.  Which are Lara Croft a bit slutty, BDSM emblem, optical illusion of a female's trunk, "embrace life's changes" on my forearm and a really kewl Leo symbol.

A mother.

I have two sons in their 20's and a 17 year old.  I am proud of all my kids and love them very much.

I have a blog.

I had a blog on weebly that is all about things that interest me or piss me off as well as a few stories from my travels. I plan to transfer it to here.  So I can write about new items and other things of interest.

I am bisexual.

I have an Angelina Jolie shrine in my room.  I love her mind as I got to know in her book "Note From My Travels".  She is stunning.  And I love the action roles she plays.  OH but just cause I am Bi does not mean I swing,  Been there, done that, got the t-shirts.  I heavily believe in equality for all!

Vet's wife.

I met a Cowboy that knocked me off my feet and showed me what a real man and gentleman is like.  I swore off men after my first marriage but he just took my breath away.  We have been married for 16 years.  Being a vet's wife has made me aware of how much people take for granted, as well as how our wounded warriors ESPECIALLY prior to 911 are mistreated and forgotten.